Opening A Car Door Without Its Key. A Story Of Long Island

It is not very unusual when you forget your car or house keys inside and you think of all the incidents that led you to do this mistake, and then you curse yourself for the stupidity. We’ve all felt that we’ve all been there. It is actually very common. It is especially even more common when you are leading a super-busy life in the heart of New York state, Long Island. Believe me, when I say this, locksmiths in Long Island have put themselves in some very profitable business.

It can be a very daunting experience when you’re stuck at a public place unable to get in your car. And the spare key is some 20 miles away and there is no one to get it to you. It gets even more embarrassing when you’re trying all that stupid internet tactics to get the key out, for example, using your shoe string, or coat hanger eat. Asking for a coat hanger in a public place, however, is an embarrassment that would stay with you forever.

Can You Unlock A Car Door Yourself Without The Key

In case you’re planning to unlock that car door yourself without the spare key or without calling the locksmith, the internet is the first thing you’ll look upon. And honestly, it can prove to be productive in some cases.

The most classic way is to use a long metal ruler or a rod which you would squeeze in the door. Other includes the use of a shoe string, or coat hanger, or screwdriver, or tennis ball, and the list gets weirder and weirder. So while you’re stuck with no car and you are seeing all these tactics on your cell phone, you could have a moment of self-doubt, which is normal. The world is a funny place.

What many of them forget to mention is that every car operates differently. So while tennis ball may work in some, a metal rod could be the answer for the other. Some cars have their lock at the top shield, while the newer models come with the locks alongside the handle. Also, the mechanism varies from brand to brand. So, basically, you could never know for sure. Obviously, the best way to avoid it is to get a car with a remote controlling lock which comes with the key. But what it has happened, it has happened.

The most ideal and easy way to get over with the problem is to call a locksmith, because, you know, that’s what they do, and they’re professionals. Even then, many people choose to ignore the fact. A locksmith will either make a duplicate key in minutes or is experienced in using his own methods to open the door without a key. Never be afraid to call a professional is a time of need.

Locksmiths In Long Island

So while we’re at the topic, here I give you a list of some of the best locksmiths in around Long Island who will open your car without damaging any scale, or shoe, or coat. Hopefully, after this, I might see fewer people experimenting with their car doors and calling for professional help instead.