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Reducing Pain And Inflammation With Turmeric

Reducing Pain And Inflammation With Turmeric

If you never saw what turmeric looks like, but you know that it has many health benefits, then you should know that this is a rust colored spice that when compared to paprika, you’ll find it has a lighter color than it. In terms of taste, it’s rather earthy and it seems that it’s commonly used in Hungarian and Asian dishes as well. The good news is that not only is it delicious, but at the same time it can help improve various conditions and diseases you may be suffering from, including cancer, arthritis, Candida and so forth.

Using turmeric extract
If you’d like to start using turmeric extract, then you first of all need to make sure you get it from a reputable supplier, since there are many sellers out there that sell fake versions of turmeric extract. When it comes to its benefits, it basically affects every organ in the body and therefore can help a lot with treating and preventing heart disease, cancer, treat cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and also Alzheimer’s disease amongst many others. In fact, people who have psoriasis have reported they noticed improvements in their skin, which only goes to show how powerful this spice really is.

How much of it to use
If you buy turmeric in bulk, then you should make sure you only add a quarter teaspoon of it in your diet per day. Most of the times people are going to add it to their rice side dishes, combine it with pasta sauce, adding it to stir fry, but also soups, omelets, scrambled eggs and salad dressings. Go for only a quarter teaspoon of turmeric in the first week and starting the second week you should intake half a teaspoon per day. To make it taste better and make it even more effective, you should add a dash of cayenne pepper as well.

After a month
After a month of being on a turmeric diet, you can start eating one spoon of it per day. Since it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant, it can greatly help improve the function of your entire immune system and every organ in the body, epically the liver. In fact, you’ll notice that your digestion greatly improved after a few days of consuming it and you won’t feel as bloated as before. Just make sure to see a doctor before you add it to your diet.